Administrative Affairs includes a wide range of functions, such as:


Udar-Hazy Outdoor Pavillion

The focus of Administrative Affairs is to provide proper business practices in all areas; providing prompt, effective and professional assistance to the campus and community. Special attention is given to the wise use, development and maintenance of resources(physical and financial), following policies and procedures for regulation, and offering informational support for the President. The division is obligated to protect the health and safety of faculty, staff, students and visitors, while continually looking to improve service. The ongoing pursuit is to identify avenues for better efficiency and economical ways to accomplish inherent responsibilities.

Community Outreach & Development

Alumnus and Community Memners at ribbon cutting of new pavillionThe altruistic goal of Administrative Services is to aid every constituency on the campus and positively impact the community. The leadership, which enriches this unit on campus, coordinates information technology, business services, campus services and the planning of all auxiliary services. In addition, the efforts expand outside the university borders. The reputation and growth of the institution is established, and will develop, by entrenching a customer/client relationship with the local business and government. Interfacing and coordinating with the State Commissioner’s Office of Higher Education allows for the establishment and promotion of ideas, support and expansion. Real estate acquisitions, capital development and improvement projects are generated, evolve, and materialize within this division.